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Abstract Art a Personal View

The abstract artist creates a reality which can be difficult to understand, being neither familiar nor conventional to the viewer.

My abstract paintings include visual and contextual references, points of contact for the viewer, a familiar recognisable place before entering the unknown. This requires viewer to be prepared to move from a place of safety to take a risk in the search for meaning. By allowing the mind to take a risk brings the possibility of forming new parameters of understanding.


I purposely include, in my work, some points of context for the viewer to get their bearings. Like all adventures and discovery the starting point is the willingness to embark. An open mind that admits to the unfamiliar but never the less takes a step towards something new. The risk is success or failure, understanding or ignorance, discomfort or safety, to be shocked and challenged or turn and say it's not for me. It’s all about choice but once started and the mind of the inquisitive is aroused, the path becomes clearer and truth is the reward.


Faith leads to truth


My job as an artist is to titillate, entice, to create an altered reality an illusion to sway the mind of the viewer by returning to the painting in their search for what they see and their own truth.


Process is mostly instinctive and only described subjectively in relation to progress of the work. Technique is important as it’s a way of interpreting the process into a relative methodology which relates one work to another. Learned technique simplifies and forms a consistency of practice. Technique is individual to an artist and relates to acquired or learned skill in the communication of ideas.

I want to create a mystique, not to make it easy for the viewer, an air of wonder and fascination which flirts with the mind. My paintings present a complicated structure which at first sight seems simple and balanced but on closer and investigation holds a connection and balance which gives the impression of measured and controlled thought. It is what any illusionist would guard against, revealing the inner workings and how it is possible.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    John Petch January 2015

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