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Art and the Mind

A Journey begins and ends, a relationship expands and creates

LIFE is more than a journey, it is RELATIONSHIP


Relationship is how we engage with our surroundings (space), to each other (personal) and to experience (time).


RELATIONSHIP to the unknown is FAITH


In a city its buildings interact with shape, line and colour to create a unique perspective drawing energy, light and form from the viewer’s position.

A graphic is a flat design which can be emotionally dry, static and at best descriptive.

A painting (art form) is a living composite of imagination through visual references which evokes an emotional reaction and connection between the artist and the viewer.

All experience is relevant to mass whether it be a person’s life or a city. Mass is the completeness of form a joining and interaction of individual parts into a whole.

A relationship is a creative dynamic energy of constant change as we engage (connect), react (decide), and adjust (view) where we stand.

To go with the flow is to acknowledge our place, time and purpose. To learn, forgive and value by bringing it to relationship.

A truly creative individual knows their purpose, accepts their limitation but seeks what is new. Wisdom is to know what limits but not to let it outweigh the desire for creative expression, to allow the soul to be touched equally by what is outside as with what is within and allow what we sense in ourselves to be recognised in others.

Journey is a life process

Relationship is our true connective purpose

Creativity gives expressive freedom to relationship

                                                                                                                                                                                           John Petch January 2015

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